John Lewis Christmas Advert 2017 – is here! Moz the Monster

So it’s here, finally! For me, the greatest John Lewis  advert wasn’t actually an official John Lewis commercial – it was the Geordie Penguin Spoof that proclaimed “I’m blind Dec, I’m blind!”

Is it really 12 months since the last John Lewis advert? It’s hard to believe, a little like monsters under the bed. Moz the Monster plays a starring role this time around and it could be worse – you might find Trump under the bed – no one would want that.

The advert features a cover of The Beatles song Golden Slumbers by Elbow.

So without further ado I give you the John Lewis Christmas advert – oh and get read to feel a tad emotional!!

The new advert will no doubt start a huge rush for cuddly toys and ear muffs but overall I do think they have a winner this year. I prefer it to last year’s offering which was lost on me!

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